Looking For Love I

Winner of the Spontanea Street Folio Prize, Italy 2015.
The work ‘Looking For Love’ comprises a series of un-staged photographs of ‘romantic’ couples taken around London over the course of one year. The photographs were all taken surreptitiously in order to capture spontaneous, raw moments of intimate human interaction.
The project started out as a study in body language and has resulted in a visual commentary about contemporary love that incorporates themes of hope, transience and disappointment. By confronting the viewer with situations from which they might naturally look away, ‘Looking For Love’ exposes the intense emotional charge running through the everyday and demonstrates the resilience and relentlessness of the human spirit in its eternal quest for ‘love’…
But what is it that is really being desired? Who or what is really driving this intense emotional charge? What is love anyway and should it ever be looked for outside of oneself? Ultimately, is ‘Looking For Love’ a contradiction in terms?
I started this project in 2012. In 2015, after much reflection on the patterns, cycles and compulsions of my own life, I finally realised what I myself have been looking for. And what the questions and answers are that I had been searching for in the stories of others. I realised that I am a person built on improper foundations and that I have been relentlessly looking for something that I was not able to define or recognise: REAL love, approval and acceptance. I have craved these ‘somethings’ like a desperate junkie… But real love is not a drug and refuses to be used as such; it will stay forever elusive on these terms… The harder you look for love, the more easily you will give yourself. And then, it is not love that you will find… It will be the opposite of love and it will find you. And it WILL find you for it is a predatory force that hunts down the lost and hungry souls.

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