The Secret In Their Eyes

Daughter with the enigmatic face

And hypnotic,

Centuries-old eyes.

Who are you my Sun child?

She replied:


I am more than my 3D identity,

I am invisible:

A zillion lightning bolts

Of intergalactic creative energy,

Sheer joy navigating the sky.


Self is the Spirit

That carries on in the body of a baby.

Ad infinitum.

Death reinventing our human embodiment:

A whole new beginning.


The Heavens are right here.

The afterlife is right Now.

Born stronger each time,

We return to Higher Self over many lives.

We are all the people who came before


And through their stories,

We become Original. Whole.

We find ourselves in everything we see.

And this time around,

I’ve found that to be magical is just to be Me.


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