Lucid Arts is a space dedicated to the creative exploration and expression of Light in all its contexts

In essence, existence is only about Light.

For Light, you can also read: Love, Consciousness, Spirit, Magic, Truth, Creative Energy, and even God. They are all one and the same. They are what Light is and encompasses in real, although abstract, terms. Light being the more ‘concrete’ and actually quantifiable entity, it is simplest to talk in Light-terms. The more Light generated, the more of each of the above.

Light is who and what humanity is at the most essential level but the world is currently suffering Light loss at an exponential rate. Humanity is ever-increasingly Light deprived and although the results of this are clear, most people haven’t consciously realised what is really going on. We are in the dark. In the dark about who we truly are.

Art, in all it’s manifestations, has the power to enlighten us and we must use it’s transformative potential to lift humanity out of these increasingly dark ages. The creative process awakens the individual and the sharing of creative output awakens others. Individually and collectively, creativity can raise the consciousness of man; help him find his authentic ‘Light’ Self.

The brighter your Light and the bolder you shine it, the more real – more alive – you are.