Lucid Arts is delighted to offer ‘Creating With Light’ Photography Courses in Italy. 

The art of Photography is the perfect metaphor for the art of Life as Creative success in both depends upon the optimisation of natural Light energy. Our courses take a ‘holistic’ approach in the sense that we view photography as not only a technique for creating images but also as a valuable tool for facilitating Self-discovery, re-activating inherent creativity and raising Consciousness.

“I thought it was really great and a perfect mixture of connecting with the deeper meaning of creativity and light, learning the technicalities and practicing. I had a great time, found it very inspirational and learned a lot.”


… PHD Researcher from the European Institute, near Florence, who participated in the course as part of the ‘Body and Brain Boosting’ Initiative at the Institute.”

Creating With Light Courses

We are currently running the following classes:

  1. Foundations of Photography
  • Balancing the Exposure Settings: Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO
  • Using the Exposure Settings Creatively
  1. Outdoor Portraiture
  • How to create professional, polished portraits
  • Technical and Creative considerations covered
  1. The Art of Self-Portraiture (the antithesis of the ‘selfie’)
  • Practical techniques
  • Capturing the real
  1. Conceptual Photography
  • Generating, germinating and communicating ideas
  • Managing a photographic project

  • All classes include a presentation, practical guided exercises and a review / critique of work created during the session.
  • Classes are held in and around the Centre of Florence.
  • Sessions are 2 hours in duration and run daily.
  • Maximum, 4 participants per session.

All participants have the exciting possibility to be included in our itinerant group show. As an ongoing project, Lucid Arts curates the work of our keen photographers and organises venues to exhibit their beautiful photographs. Our ‘Creating With Light’ exhibition is proving very popular with our audiences and also very motivating for our photography students!

If you have any questions and/or would like to know our current timetable, please make contact via our contact form. We would love to hear from you.